DOORS Basic Course RTCS-BAS-101
The RTCS DOORS basic course gives your employees everything they need to get started with the Rational DOORS tool...

They will be presented with professional animated powerpoint slides that gets your employees involved with exercises and quizes.
A printed version is distributed to each student at begining of class to follow along or to use later as a reference guide.

Rosters will be filled in by each student present and a copy will be sent to you for your records.
A class survey will be emailed to each student for feedback to improve our classes and also for your records.

The powerpoint is laid out in modular format so that students can return to specific sections.

Each module is presented with the objectives of the specific topic covered. At the end of each module the students will perform a “hands-on” exercise

The exercises in the powerpoint presentation are for overview only. More detailed versions of each exercise are given the student in a printed Student Labwork Book along with the slides at the begining of class.
This labwork book contains specific steps that the student follows to complete the tasks set out in the specific module.
At the end of each labwork exercise the student will find screenshots of all major points as they move through the exercise.
Upon completion of the course, each student will be presented with a “Certificate of Completion” signed and dated by the instructor before leaving the class