"I loved your presentation on DOORS Tips & Tricks. There are multiple things in there that I am going to be sharing at our next Systems Engineering staff meeting here at Aerojet. You have a great style of presenting that combines humour and information and keeps people on their toes"
Leonard Taleric, Aerojet - Redmond, WA

Professionals that know the way you work. Understanding the issues today around quickness to market and budget considerations make us one of the top consulting firms for legacy Telelogic products.
We are a dedicated team of individuals that will compliment you company with experience and best practices. No matter whether it is 1 day or 3 months of consulting, dedication and enthusiasm makes us a team player
Our Services

Our professionals are here to help you arrive at the best possible implementation for your company. Briging best practices from years of experience gives you an advantage not available at other firms. We are here to help and get you on the right track as fast and as worry free as possible.


Our training staff are users like you. They are also ex-employees of Telelogic and IBM who were dedicated to the training of users on these applications. One of very few companies that can offer the best in training on all legacy Telelogic product such as IBM Rational DOORS, RPE, IBM Rational Change, IBM Rational System Architect.

Datbase Architecture

Database architecture is crucial to your requirements management. Having consistent structure between the tool you are using and other 3rd party applications at your site is crucial. Let us help you design your requirements architecture to suite your needs. Don't be forced into something that fits for the moment.

Server Configuration

With many different forms of implementation, isn't it good to know that the team you are employing has the most experience in different installations. Microsoft Windows platforms, UNIX, Linux. Whatever your internal setup our professional can help you get the most performance from your current architecture or make recommendations for improvement.