About Solutions
Experience in solutions to engineering problems makes a valuable commodity. RoberTech Consulting Services LLC brings that experience with every individual.
All the consultants in our team have valuable contributions that make us an easy choice to make. Professionals that care about you and your company's future helps to come to a solution faster and easier.
Our solution savy personnel are always ready to listen and assist you. Let us keep you on track and up to date on new ideas and applications.
Consulting is only part of the solution. Training is also important. We conduct training on all legacy Telelogic products and Rational products. Public training is available through our partners all over the country. Please visit http://321gang.com/training_courses.shtml for more information. Private training through RoberTech CS gives you the best possible start to your employees introduction to the tools and methodology.
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Customer Solutions
Customer SolutionsDifferent solutions for different customers.
We pride ourselves in solving the most difficult of problems. Taking an idea and manipulating to a perfect fit is what customer solutions is all about. Whether it is at J&J helping to automate the convertion of Rational Requisite Pro data into Rational DOORS data, or whether it is at Oklahoma Department of Human Resources, helping implement a turn-key solution between Rational DOORS and Rational System Architect with fully customized menu options, our work shines through.
Whether it is aiding users in creation of document templates for Rational Publishing Engine, or helping to implement Citrix for a vastly improved distributed network with international users. We have it all.
Let us be your one stop shop for all your networking, application and integrating needs.
Enterprise Solutions
Enterprise SolutionsDesigning an enterprise wide implementation takes input from all areas of the company.
Having outide consultants oversee and mediate is a great benefit to any enterprise solution. Having the best consultants is one step further. Let us put the power of RoberTech CS to work for you.
Design and iterpretation skills will benefit you and your company's end goal. If you are thinking of a JAZZ implementation, look no further. With our finger on the pulse of JAZZ networks we are your only choice
For more on JAZZ visit https://jazz.net/
Company Solutions
Company Sols 1Our staff are well conversed in aerospace, military and medical device areas. We make sure that the compliance standards you are dealing are familiar to us. ISO 9001, IEC 62304 and more...
Company Sols 2We are always here to help. Completion of the engagement is not the end of our relationship, we are always available to answer technical questions you may have. Phone call or email support is just around the corner getting back to you will be within 24hrs.
Company Sols 3Validation of data is performed when we are migrating data or integrating with data from 3rd party applications. You can be assured that we will leave no stone unturned to make you feel safe that your data is in safe hands
Company Sols 4Whatever the task we are ready to help you acheive your goal. Our staff, along with our partners, have the knowledge and experience to assist you with integrations. Whether this is an integration between Rational products or other 3rd party products - we can help.
Recent Solutions
Location - New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance.
Implementation - Enterprise
At NJM we assisted in designing a IBM Rational DOORS implementation across the company. This included Use Case, System level requirements, interaction with Oracle and SQL databases.
Publication of documents was very critical along with insurance rate tables. Multiple locations of data was brought together for both viewing and publishing with Rational Publishing Engine. Scripting was another part of the implementation to automate configuration management of data through custom baselining. Scripting was also used to automate module creation.